Coop Supercard: Le programme de fidélité le plus performant de Suisse


Coop is the leading retailing company of Switzerland. Through a loyalty program the customers won’t only be provided with short-term benefits but will continuously be surprised by first-class gifts and rewarded for their loyalty. The high quality of the organizing and the communication processes as well as the choice of world-famous or local relevant brands offered in the gift shop play an important role in this program.


The loyalty program of Coop is called “Supercard“. With their personal Supercard the Coop customers can collect “Superpoints” with every purchase in a Coop shop and the associated Supercard partner companies. The card holders can redeem the collected Superpoints for exclusive benefits, discount and gifts.

Boost offers the participants of the Coop Supercard a choice of more than 1000 attractive gifts which are delivered via the excellent logistics of Boost directly at the customers. The customers find the complete choice of gifts online under Additionally current selections are offered in seasonal gift brochures available in the Coop shops. If multimedia, travel vouchers, electrical devices, toys or wine – each participant will find his individual gift.


In cooperation with Boost the Coop Supercard was successfully launched in 2000. More than 4 million active collectors make the Coop Supercard the most successful loyalty program of Switzerland. 

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