4th emoji® brand Stuxx campaign – Elevating Fun, Sports, and Emotions!


ALDI BELGIUM is continuing their streak of success with us by launching their fourth consecutive “emoji® brand Stuxx” campaign, which will run from August 23rd to October 4th. Following the remarkable achievements of their previous campaigns and in response to strong customer demand, ALDI shoppers are once again excited about the all-new emoji® brand sports collection. The objective of this campaign is to blend sports, fun, and emotions into an engaging and rewarding experience.

Key Campaign Features

Unbeatable Collection

With every purchase of €15 or more, customers receive an emoji® brand figurine. This allows them to build a diverse collection of 22 distinct characters and 2 bouncy balls. 

Key Campaign Features

Collector's Delight

An exclusive collector’s box is available for €2.49 to house these cherished emoji® brand figurines, along with two irresistible family games.

Key Campaign Features

Digital Adventure

In an innovative twist, ALDI BE has teamed up with Roblox to bring the emoji® brand characters into the virtual world. This groundbreaking collaboration empowers customers to engage with their favorite emoji® brand characters in entirely novel ways. 

You can explore this digital adventure here: Read More

The wow factor

Increased Shopper Loyalty

The campaign’s irresistible appeal enhances shoppers’ loyalty. The emoji® brand characters have been a great success at ALDI since the first loyalty campaign in 2019. Customers of all age groups enjoy the rewarding shopping experience.

Increasing Sales

With every emoji® brand figurine obtained, sales will be soaring! Eager shoppers seize the opportunity to not only stock up on goods but also expand their emoji® brand collection.

Triumphant Virtual Experience

The Roblox collaboration provides a great opportunity to engage with the enchanting digital emoji® brand universe.

In Conclusion

In partnership with us, ALDI BELGIUM’s fourth emoji® brand Stuxx campaign is expected to be another triumph, following the success of previous emoji® brand campaigns, bringing unmatched energy to the latest campaign in this emoji® brand series. 

A symphony of fun, sports, and emotions reverberates through the campaign, lighting up ALDI stores, social media platforms, and even the virtual Roblox realm. With each success, ALDI BE’s grasp on engaging campaigns tightens, setting the stage for more exciting adventures ahead.

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