We make every loyalty and shopper marketing program successful

We are the people of Boost

Boost wouldn’t be the leading international full service provider for loyalty programs and shopper marketing without the people behind it.

We think our team members are the most amazing people you will ever meet. Their talent and passion drives our success and their loyalty is what defines us and makes the difference. 


Mario Schwegler – CEO Boost Group

This is what we do best

We keep people engaged and happy and we boost customer loyalty! 

We boost customer loyalty in a sustainable, innovative and impactful way through omni-channel solutions aimed at increasing customer engagement at each touchpoint, online and in-store.

This is what Boost stands for

We put our customers’ needs first. We foster a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships.

We differentiate our customer loyalty programs from the rest with:

  • personalization
  • authenticity
  • omni-channel interactions
  • creativity
  • customization

We offer the most flexible and scalable  programs. Robust,  easy-to-use and fully tailored

We work with reliable business partners that share same high quality standards, passion and ambition, bring in new skills and ideas and are dedicated to effectively working through any situation together.

We make a positive  impact by providing innovative, and sustainable interactions with the brands showcasing our social and environmental efforts

More than 30 years of expertise in loyalty and shopper marketing

  • Track record and proven competence since 1987.
  • Europe’s leading partner for rewards and coalition loyalty schemes.
  • Pioneer in sustainable loyalty: Partners with WWF since 2007.
  • Innovator in sustainable manufacturing aiming always at organic or recycled materials.
  • Leader in Shopper Marketing in Switzerland.
  • Own creative studios with proprietary brand and license portfolio.
  • Expert team for consumer- and shopper insights, data analysis, ROI and RFM models.
  • Credible global certifications and global network.
  • End-to-end loyalty strategies and solutions.
  • Tailored made flexible programs.
  • Service culture and customer-centric approach.
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Leadership Team

Mario Schwegler

Member of the Management Board

Michael Lausenmeyer

Managing Director Loyalty Programs
Member of the Management Board

Alexander Hergert

Member of the Management Board

Tim Wirtz

Managing Director Shopper Marketing
Member of the Management Board

Michael Reinwald

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Reto Vonzun

Member of the Board of Directors

Can you see yourself being called a Booster?

Boosters always have the ambition to go further than others. We always look for people willing to make things happen. Are you ready to join?