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Boost Group (founded in 1987) is a leading full-service provider for customer loyalty programs and shopper marketing. We develop creative concepts and effective sales tools for shopper marketing, collectibles promotions and loyalty programs worldwide. By taking innovative approaches and going the extra mile for our clients, we engage consumers and enhance their shopping experience to increase sales and win loyal customers. Our work begins at the drawing board and ends on the sales floor…

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Our goal: to awaken consumer enthusiasm! Motivated by passion and creativity, we help our clients acquire new customers and increase their spending and frequency through sustainable and successful concepts, as well as effective sales tools. With offices in Switzerland, China, Italy, Germany, Russia and the Benelux countries, we support more than 150 renowned brands and retailers, from a wide range of industries, with our services in 15 countries.

What is it like working for Boost?

At Boost, we have a result based working culture where employees are given the freedom and responsibility to achieve their goals. A good idea always deserves a chance…

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You will find yourself in an international working environment, working with big brands. We believe that you perform optimally when you feel comfortable and can be yourself. This applies to our employees as well as the people we work with. We’re building a team with whom we would love to conquer the world!

Our Boost corporate values are respect, reliability, flexibility, passion, innovation and teamwork.
As we grow, expand our services, enter new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, these values guide us in our behavior, our collaboration and our daily decisions.

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