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Welcome to Boost! A name synonymous with emotions, storytelling, innovation, and rich shopper experiences. 

Founded in 1987, Boost Group is the leading international full-service provider for loyalty programs and shopper marketing. 

We boost customer loyalty and engagement in sustainable, innovative and impactful ways through omni-channel solutions for shopper marketing, collectibles promotions and loyalty programs. Our solutions are aimed at influencing consumers’ buying behaviour, increasing sales volumes and customer engagement at every touchpoint, online and in-store.

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Shopper Marketing

We create effective marketing moments at POP/POS with a direct impact on sales and customer loyalty. >>>

Loyalty Programs

We develop large-scale reward and savings programmes, stimulating long-term relationships between clients and shoppers. >>>

Collectibles Promotions

We offer a wide range of short-term collectibles promotions and instant reward programs aimed at different groups of shoppers: Kids, adults and families. >>>

Boost is trusted by leading retail brands

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Want to know why Boost is appreciated and trusted by retailers all over the world?

Customer focus

We put our customers’ needs first. We foster a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships.


Boost is all about passion for loyalty. Over the past 30 years, Boost has developed winning customer loyalty programs for more than 150 prestigious brands and retailers in 20 countries.

Long-term business approach

We believe that building strong loyalty requires a long-term commitment building consistently strong customer relationships. We are proud to have been boosting customer loyalty, globally, since 1987.

Reliable partnerships

We choose to partner up with reliable companies in different categories to make sure that together we have a greater impact on the society, the environment, and the economy.


We love working as a team together with our customers and partners. Teamwork empowers sustainable collaboration, stronger alignment, and happier relationships.