ALDI starts first nationwide emoji®-campaign with Boost in Germany

ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd are jointly launching with Boost Group in Germany an exclusive and customised emoji® kids collectibles promotion

Boost Deutschland GmbH, is based in Ratingen -Germany, is responsible for developing and implementing the emoji® collection campaign at Germany’s leading discounter.

Twenty-four fun emoji® collectible figures to play with and swap are available in more than 4,000 ALDI stores throughout Germany from 2 September to 12 October 2019. The emoji® collectible figures are little suction-cup figures that can be used to express all kinds of feelings.

For this promotion, Boost collaborated with the emoji company to develop an exclusive and customised collection for ALDI. The assortment includes two highlight characters: Spooky with glow-in-the-dark effect and Bling Bling with glitter effect. Thanks to the suction cups, these figures adhere to smooth surfaces and can be attached virtually anywhere, e.g., in cars, on drinking glasses, etc.

A collector’s box in which the figures can be stored makes it even more fun to play with these emojis. The box also contains a game board with lots of game ideas for the whole family. Each ALDI customer who purchases items valued at fifteen euros or more receives one emoji® figure for free. The collector’s box can be purchased for an additional 1.99 euros.

People who prefer to go digital won’t miss out on this promotion either because there is also a matching ALDI emoji app that enables users to collect the figures digitally. Players who want to collect the figures must find and scan markers hidden in all ALDI stores – an exciting emoji® hunt begins. Afterwards, players can add the character they found to their digital collection. Eight of the twenty-four emoji® figures are equipped with a special 3D function: clicking on them causes them to make a move, which the user can then capture in cool snapshots. The app also includes two additional game functions.

ALDI is reaching a particularly broad customer group with the emoji® collectible figures and their accompanying app. Best of all: the emoji® brand is popular with all genders, it is well known among people in all age groups, and the iconic universally understandable language of emoji® communication overcomes all language barriers.

“We enthusiastically and excitedly await the start of ALDI’s first nationwide collectible campaign. We have high expectations for this family-fun campaign with tried-and-tested collectible figures paired with the cult emoji® licence”, says Tim Wender, Managing Director of Boost Deutschland GmbH. “We are also proud of the innovative cardboard packaging, with which we have not only taken an important step away from conventional plastic packaging, but also reduced the transport volume.”

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