Boost and Motisha partnering for sustainable customer engagement

Boost Group partnered with Motisha, an award-winning SaaS incentive technology platform, to create sustainable customer loyalty and engagement programs.

Motisha® provides innovative quick-connect integration options for faster “go to market” solutions. Through Motisha Cloud® suite of products, partners can easily create a sales incentive programme, customer loyalty programme or employee recognition programme. 

In 2020, Boost partnered with Motisha, an award-winning SaaS incentive technology platform that enables brands to create customized and effective campaigns for their customers, employees and partners. Through the successful collaboration, we gained expert advice and solutions from their team on our global webshops/ecommerce platforms. 

“We loved their pragmatic approach to marketing, the streamlined integration process and the seamless collaboration between Boost and Motisha teams. We quickly acquired/onboarded new customers through this partnership which was testament to the calibre of the Motisha team in terms of expertise and team spirit they live by. It allowed us to focus on our business offering at scale while Motisha took care of the technical aspects, saving us valuable execution time and costs. We accelerate ROI, growth and sustainability with a trusted engagement platform that makes a difference”. – Boost Group – Michael Lausenmeyer – Managing Director Loyalty Programs. 

“As a trustworthy rewards partner for years, Boost has helped us scale the Motisha Engagement Technology solutions faster throughout Europe, maximizing our bottom line and Customers Lifetime Value significant.” Gunther Everaert – CEO and Founder Motisha

Boost is the winner of an IMA GLOBAL SUMMIT AWARD 2020!

Together with our IT partner Motisha, we won the IMA Excellence Award 2020 in the category ‘Excellence in Innovation & Technology’ as part of a loyalty program.
The award was presented for ‘BP Handy at Home’. Boost developed an intelligent redemption portal for BP Europe, scalable for up to 10 EU countries and usable for multi-variable campaigns. 

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!