Boost Group and Emoji Company take a leap into the metaverse !

Boost Group and Emoji Company expanding their partnership for Omnichannel Commerce, Digital Collectibles and new Metaverse Applications

The successful partnership for retail loyalty programs between Boost Group and Emoji Company reaches a new stage resulting in a new strategic partnership agreement for the coming years.
Since 2016 Boost developed and executed 21 campaigns in Europe and Asia Pacific successfully. 

Worldwide popularity

Communication by using emojis has become an integral part of our society. In fact more than 10 billion emojis are used daily by 92% of all internet users. The emoji company has turned this phenomenon into a global brand business since nearly a decade now with more than 1200 partnerships in more than 150 countries.

Integration, participation, diversity and sustainability can be adopted on a large scale under one umbrella brand emoji® that offers more than 20.000 emoji® icons for any occasion, festivity or season.

Perfect collectibles – success proven in 21 retail campaigns by Boost

The characters designed by the emoji company are the perfect collectibles that ensure a high level of consumer engagement in any loyalty program around the globe and throughout the years Boost has created 21 outstanding campaigns with retailers such as Aldi, Coop, DairyFarm, Cactus, Match, Migros, Okey,  Penny and Billa, Penny within REWE Group.

Joint launch of exciting new retail solutions

As new element of the partnership emoji company and Boost will jointly launch consumer and retail solutions for digital collectibles, metaverse applications and game platforms like Roblox.

“We have seen the great potential of emoji® collectibles for retail loyalty campaigns. Every campaign we have connected in the past with customized apps and games were successfully adopted by consumers. For our future offering it is logical to extend our physical offering to digital collectibles and future gaming and metaverse platforms.” Mario Schwegler CEO of Boost Group states.

Expansion of a great partnership

Marco Hüsges “With the emoji® brand we keep on growing on various platforms by smart connections of consumer preferences, emotions and products. The superfast success of emojitown® with more than 650 Mio Views and more than 1.5 Million subscribers perfectly underscores how fast we can successfully create new digital stage for our brand with an extremely high level of customer engagement. In the same way, together with Boost, we will support retail brands for the omnichannel era. An emojiverse® therefore is a logical brand extension.

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