Boost Group develops a collectibles campaign with Coop and REWIND

Boost Group develops a collectibles campaign with Coop and REWIND

Steinhausen, SWITZERLAND, Date Month 2022 – The Outdoor Trophy kicked off on 8 March! Whether you choose lonely forests, calm waters or steep mountains, now is the time to go outdoors in nature, where you can recharge your batteries or simply switch off everyday stress and let your soul relax. Of course, all this works best when you’ve got high-quality equipment. And it works even better than best when you also get collector’s stamps and save money on hiking poles, backpacks, multifunctional tools or tents. The campaign is developed and implemented by the Boost Group from Steinhausen (Zug), the leading international full-service provider for effective customer loyalty programmes and shopper marketing.

From 8 March to 7 August 2022, shoppers will receive one collector’s stamp for every 10 Swiss francs worth of purchases at Coop supermarkets as well as at Coop Bau+Hobby, Coop City and Coop Restaurant. Alternatively, interested people can also download the Coop app and participate in the “Outdoor Trophy” collection fun online; collection stamps for this will also be available on After having collected 18 stamps, the Trophy prize is guaranteed. And it will surely be worth it!

The 15-piece set of outdoor equipment from the REWIND brand makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster – and not only because it can be purchased at very reasonable prices. The entire REWIND assortment – from the multifunctional tool to the self-inflating sleeping mat and the inflatable boat – was designed by a team of designers who were inspired by nature. This practical set invites you to recharge your batteries outdoors and to experience the natural environment with all your senses. All products are climate-neutral* and marked with the ClimatePartner label, including ID tracking. The packaging boxes are made from FSC-certified paper, so the use of plastic is avoided as much as possible. REWIND also focuses on using sustainable materials in its product development: for example, REWIND’s backpack and the daypack are made of recycled PET.

In addition to climate-neutral products and sustainable packaging materials, the success of the customer activation and loyalty campaign of the Boost Group, Coop and REWIND is also due to the active support of brand ambassador Evelyne Binsack. This extreme mountaineer, speaker and best-selling author relies on the REWIND outdoor range for her wilderness adventures and is the first Swiss woman to have conquered Mount Everest solo and to have reached both the North and South Poles from home with her own muscle power.

* Climate neutral means that CO2 emissions have been calculated and reduced, and residual emissions have been offset. The purchase of a REWIND outdoor product helps to support three climate-protection projects. Detailed information on the climate-protection projects can be found at

More information about REWIND and the Outdoor Trophy is available at and at


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