Coop – Summer, ready, go!


For a campaign that ran during the summer of 2021, Coop was looking for a theme with hype potential and an assortment of collectible items for the whole family. The campaign’s goals were to increase customer frequency, encourage impulse purchasing, and boost sales.


How do you create a special shopping experience for the whole family and get the summer off to a perfect start? The obvious answer: by creating an individually compiled assortment of games and summery outdoor products in cool designs that delight children and adults alike!
The line-up included six high-quality collectible items for the perfect outdoor experience: from the trendy game Kubb (also known as Viking Chess), through classics such as a badminton set and an inflatable swimming ring, to a practical picnic blanket, a large bath towel for saunas and an aluminium drinking bottle for on the go.
Summer, ready, go! Over a six-week period, all Coop customers received one collector’s stamp for every ten Swiss francs of purchase value. Customers who collected forty stamps could get one of the coveted collectible products for free.


With “Summer, get set, go!” in 2021, Boost seamlessly continued the success of previous campaigns in the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019.
Coop’s conclusions:
The “Summer, ready, go!” collectibles promotion delighted our customers with its attractive and high-quality collectible items in “Tropical Summer” look. The final two weeks of the promotion in particular were distinguished by above-average sales figures despite the predominantly rainy weather.
The products were excellently received by the customers and the quality of the articles was excellent as well. The sauna bath towel, the picnic blanket and the badminton set were particularly popular.

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