emoji® is back at Aldi in Belgium and Luxembourg!


Tasked with creating a follow-up emoji® campaign that would spark enthusiasm among ALDI’s shoppers, trigger another collecting hype in Belgium and Luxembourg, and put ALDI’s core competencies into the foreground, Boost again created a tailor-made activation measure for ALDI NORD with emoji® fresh.


With emoji® fresh, ALDI Nord Belgium follows up on the successful emoji® campaign of 2019.
From 11 September to 16 October 2021, an in return for every €15 of purchase value, all ALDI shopper receive one of 24 different cool emoji® suction-cup figures to play with and collect.
To optimally convey ALDI’s core competencies, Boost focussed on the theme of freshness, among other topics, when creating the cast of the emoji® characters. It is accordingly not surprising that characters such as Freddy the Fish, Charlie the Chicken and Rosy the Rose represent all of ALDI’s categories of fresh products. Popular emoji® icons also stand for products in ALDI’s current seasonal “Autumn and Halloween” assortment. All ALDI fans can also look forward to an emoji® heart in the familiar shade of ALDI blue.


The emoji® scrapbooks were a strongly selling hit in 2019, so this integral element of the campaign surely had to be included in the new emoji® campaign in 2021. The scrapbook, which now features a fresh new design and includes two additional board games, is available in all ALDI NORD stores for the low price of €1.99.
Sustainability played a key role for ALDI & Boost in the creation of the campaign’s entire design, so the suction-cup figures are once again packaged in environmentally friendly FSC cardboard boxes, which also saves an enormous amount of logistics volume.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!