The challenge presented by Energizer was the restructuring of its entire range of batteries at 750 branches operated by a wide range of retailers, for the purpose of designing the POS for consumers in a simpler, better organised and more appealing way, while at the same time generating impulse purchases which would boost turnover.


With its Shopper Marketing team Boost Group developed a solution which was put into effect by more than 40 merchandisers at the relevant retail outlets and with varying layouts for retailers. Their tasks included the design of the goods presentation, the showcasing of new products and an evaluation of both sales performance and customer requirements. All Boost merchandisers are connected with the back office at all times via the Boost Live App on a tablet or smartphone, and immediately after the conversion work they can transmit the images showing their implementation and any information relevant to the market.


The number of branches visited and converted: around 750. The entire conversion operations were completed on all channels throughout Switzerland in only 30 days.

Rafael Meier, Sales Director Switzerland Energizer SA: “Boost Group proved to be the ideal partner for the implementation of this project. The reliable, painstaking and efficient conversion of all POS layouts at several hundred sales outlets within a very short time not only made a positive impression on Energizer, but also on the retailers who were involved. With an efficient information and complaints management we could reduce the involvement of the relevant head offices and cooperatives to a minimum. The initial sales results show clearly that this project can be regarded as a resounding success.”

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