FUSE TEA – Young and Urban promotion


The brand new product fusetea was launched on the Swiss market and needed to be presented to a very wide targetgroup. The product focusses on young, health-conscious consumers.

Our client, Coca-Cola, combines the use of classic ATL advertising in this campaign with the direct effect of below-the-line activations.


Young&Urban is the innovation in POS Promotion, first launched at Coop in 2017. This type of activation provides interactivity, reach and traffic in store. Young&Urban was implemented during one week in up to 130 specific stores for 3 hours during the highest traffic moments.

The huge promotor tool of cool promotors between 18 and 29 years old is part of the concept. In teams of two, they hand out samples for fusetea lemon/lemongrass and fusetea peach/hibiscus, using modern, transparent shoulder bags to the focus target group : ‘GenerationY’.


Thanks to the specially developed and innovative tracking app (Boost Live) the customer is informed real-time, from the very first minute, with information and photo’s of the activations in store.

Within 5 days, the potential target group received over 200,000 samples throughout Switzerland. More than 100,000 customers enjoyed the fusetea experience during the launch.

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