Good stories are told twice: Rekordomania 2


Good stories are told multiple times. And this year we launched the 9th chapter of the iconic Garfield campaign range: Recordomania 2, a  sustainable kids collectibles promotion with the most amazing animal records in the world.


In close cooperation with SPAR Slovenija d.o.o. we developed a tailormade, sustainable and brand licensing story about wildlife record holders. Together with Garfield, we discovered the strongest, most sleepy, hungriest, most poisonous and mysterious record holders. 

Kids and families had fun with: 

  • 200 colourful stickers
  • a pile of Garfield’s mischievous fantasies
  • countless interesting facts about record holders
  • more than 60 lively pages
  • interesting interactive games
  • knowledge testing puzzles


As part of the Rekordomania 2 promotion, we helped animals in need waiting for a warm home in Slovenian shelters.
We donated dog and cat food of SPAR own brands SCOTTY and MOLLY PREMIUM to 8 shelters in the total value of €10,000. 

More information here:

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