Intermarché France rewards customer loyalty with a sustainable cookware range

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Intermarché’s objective is to drive sales and build loyalty, using rewards with an eco-sustainable message.

Boost developed a custom-made range of cookware under the brand re:fresh made from 100% recycled aluminium produced in Europe

To cook and to preserve, without question.

Refresh aluminium cookware is made from 100% recycled post-consumer aluminium.

The equivalent of the weight of 41 recycled aluminium cans are used to produce a 24 cm Frypan. This gives a strong eco sustainable message to consumers.

The cookware range has been produced in Europe, which means a huge reduction in CO2 emissions versus goods coming from China. With the exception of the induction discs, all raw materials are produced in Europe.


re:fresh is a young, innovative brand specialized in sustainable kitchen products.

They offer a new type of experience, with products that come together at the crossroads of health, environmental and functional trends.

With a well selected range of lightweight and durable items to cater any style of cooking.

And with products that are top notch by way of usage, but even more, by manufacturing them in a way that reduces our ecological footprint.

With an understanding of the end user, re:fresh refers to the concept of balance” in the dynamic lifestyle of the consumers, in a light and youthful way.

Intermarché will use the tailor-made collection, that is exclusive in the French market, to build and reward customer loyalty, but also to support its commitment to eating better at low prices and to sustainable development. 

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