NICI: A sustainable cuddly toy world!

Cuddly toys from PET bottles

Boost and NICI have a strong brand licensing partnership  since 2020.

NICI is a desirable brand that has been successful globally for more than 30 years. The company lays great emphasis on top quality and top safety standards for its entire product range. NICI’s designers and product developers put all their skill and love into their creations. In addition to the highest quality and well thought-out, unmistakable designs, sustainability and responsibility for natural resources and future generations have high priority. All sustainably developed and produced products of NICI GmbH are combined under the NICI GREEN label. The popular special Wild Friends collection was launched in August 2021.

Sustainable cuddly toys through recycled materials
NICI Green is the sustainable product world of NICI! For all NICI Green products, recycled materials are used almost exclusively, mainly made from PET bottles. With Wild Friends 2021, NICI is entering a new era: for the first time in the company’s history, NICI will use almost exclusively plush and filling materials for this collection that are made from 100% recycled materials. For this purpose, old PET bottles in particular will be processed into RPET. The plush materials and fillers are then made from RPET. A big step towards sustainability!

Most plush items and accessories are offered in attractive sales and gift packaging made from FSC-certified materials. This ensures that the collection can be presented in an appealing and valuable way and that the added value of being a sustainable NICI-Green product becomes visible at first glance.

Boost offers the opportunity to use existing NICI ranges, using the more than 30.000 different designs or create tailormade plush ranges in a sustainable way, under NICI license.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!