All at Penny Market – TUTTI AL PENNY


PENNY Card, the first card in the discounters’ world, never stops growing.

For a campaign that ran during the summer of 2020, Penny Market was looking for a theme with hype potential and an assortment of collectible items for the whole family. The campaign’s goals were to increase customer frequency, encourage impulse purchasing, and boost sales. A high-end promotion, through which PENNY, together with emoji®, wants to be innovative and fun, connecting with the needs of their customers in the summer season.


The collaboration with emoji® was possible thanks to Boost Collectibles, a loyalty marketing service provider specialized in developing loyalty campaigns for family with children, which represents a new high-valued partner for PENNY.

TUTTI AL PENNY will also be advertised by a TV commercial, while the emoji® vibe – that will make your beach cool and fun – are filling the stores since a few days already. Funny summer accessories such as the 120cm inflatable ring and the beach ball, but also practical and useful items as the waterproof swimming bag and the beach towel, including the Unicorn one


The campaign was highly successful and appealed to kids and family. Participation was extremely high with great frequency and successful sales.

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