re:fresh: Healthy cooking and good looking

Sustainable and stylish at the same time

re:fresh is a revolutionary collection of kitchen products, a new type of experience with products that intersect at the crossroad of health, environmental and functional food trends. With an understanding of the target audience and product differentiation, the brand concept refers to the concept of ‘balance’ in the dynamic lifestyle of the consumer, in a light, youthful way.
We love to make products that improve quality of life in ways that are also better for the environment. Making life easier with functionalities, inspire healthier living that serve the environment in one of three ways: creating awareness in households, offering durable long lasting products while optimizing our production processes every day.

Brand Story

A quality collection of kitchen products for an amazing food experience

From an idea to creation, our products are crafted to last. We mindfully select materials and prudently pick production techniques for each and every product, ensuring you can invest in being fresh, while reducing your environmental impact – saving your leftovers, and our planet.
We believe that long lasting is also sustainable, and therefore products we make are created to withstand the test of time. We go out of our way to test and retest our products at the design and production stage so that you can be sure it will last…just like we promise!

keep:fresh food storage containers

We’re multi:functional. refresh can cook, store, freeze, reheat and transport your snacks, or a square meal. Second breakfast, yes please!
Made from tempered borosilicate glass, you can see exactly what you need to. No second guessing what you stored (or froze) or squinting through murky windows. This hard-wearing glass is an environmentally safe alternative to plastic and is free from harmful substances. Sturdy in structure, borosilicate is stain resistant and won’t retain any odours from previous foodstuffs.
Even better, it is able to withstand strong temperature shifts, making it the perfect partner to transition a meal from frozen to piping hot. To keep everything securely in place, it’s topped with a four-hinge locking mechanism on the lid and an airtight seal, ensuring your food is kept fresher for longer. Need to release some steam? No problem. If you’re looking for a quick microwave fix, its integrated steam vent allows for steamless reheating – just set the timer and let the container do the rest.


cook:fresh with sustainable cookware

We like to cook. Just like you do. Preferably with cookware that is made from high quality material and is functional by default.

But we are also aware of our current surroundings. Which you most likely are as well. We like to cook with products that are top notch in terms of production, but also enhance our quality of life in general. By way of usage, but even more, by manufacturing them in a way that reduces our ecological footprint.

Meet our latest cookware line-up. Multifunctional, an eye-catching finish and highly sustainable due to using 100% recycled post-consumer used aluminium. With a well selected range of lightweight and durable items to cater any style of cooking. Good for you, your loved ones and our environment.

Doesn’t this sound like cooking with an extra layer of flavour?

eat:fresh outdoor dinnerware

Made out of vegetable and renewable materials, this dinnerware isn’t likely to break if it drops. It is virtually unbreakable! This durable and lightweight feel makes these dishes perfect when you go outside, while its design and high-quality look also makes it perfect to use in the home. Whether it’s a BBQ in the garden, a BBQ in the wild or even a relaxed breakfast on the couch, this dinnerware is always a good match!
This dinnerware is chemical free and 100% biodegradable which means it is completely eco-friendly. Made from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable. Fermentation of the sugars from these plants produces lactic acid and after further reactions, lactide forms.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!