Wilde Helden®:

REWE inspires families to protect the environment

Wilde Helden/Wild Heroes® from Boost is a unique collectible campaign for REWE:  tailor-made, exciting, educational and supporting REWE’s sustainable image.


We developed 8 heroic characters in high-quality 3D design for REWE. From “Fips” the fox who campaigns against food waste, to “Mr. Crabby” the crab, whose mission is to free the oceans from plastic.

All characters actively encourage children to become part of their team to fight together for the good of the earth. Both the characters and the entire storytelling behind them are perfectly tailored to the messages, content and themes that REWE wants to convey to its customers


Every customer will be awarded a free pack of 4 FSC stickers and one FSC playing card for every 10 euro they spend. Special stickers that glow in the dark, have holographic effects, smell and glitter add a lot of fun to collecting. Sustainability is the main focus of this campaign: by using stickers with a backside that also functions as packaging, we achieve enormous material and waste savings and reduce the transport volume at the same time.

A central element of the Wilde Helden® campaign is the discovery album for all 144 stickers which was specially developed by Boost for REWE. It contains exciting facts and information about each animal, numerous knowledge quizzes and instructions for experiments. 


Together with brand and content partner Seven.One Licensing, REWE accompanies the campaign with educational videos from the ProSieben knowledge magazine “Galileo”. These can be accessed via QR code in the album.  The sustainability-related content was developed by REWE together with the environmental association NABU.

The Wilde Helden® app brings all heroes to life with breathtaking AR effects. The app also offers cool games around sustainability and unique face filters.

And for those who want to touch the Wilde Helden®, three characters are available as cuddly plush toys.

The Wilde Helden® fan range is rounded off by collectable glasses which were developed tailor-made for REWE and which are offered as merchandise items.


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