schleich® and Boost agree to cooperate

schleich® and Boost Group are working together to introduce new sustainable collectibles for children and families

Together with the Boost Group, schleich® plans to develop environmentally friendly collectibles that raise awareness of the sustainable use of planet Earth and support children’s development through play.

Collectibles allow children to experience subjects related to nutrition, sports, play, nature and the environment as they play. Leading food retailers such as ALDI, EDEKA, ESSELUNGA, COOP and REWE seek to positive support for children and families by making quality toys and assortments accessible to all levels of society through loyalty programmes.

Figurines and playsets from schleich® open up invisible magical worlds for children. Every hippopotamus, every Tyrannosaurus Rex, every long-eared rabbit is the beginning of an exciting, ever-evolving story. Parents who watch their children play know: there is more to the schleich® brand than just toys. schleich® sparks new stories. schleich® stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity. When children play with schleich® figures, they are immediately in their own universe.

According to Udo Rother, Managing Director at schleich®, “we are impressed with the level of customer focus and flexibility, the leading edge in manufacturing sustainable products and the creativity for new concepts and theme worlds at Boost. True to our brand message “where stories begin”, we are looking forward to developing further success stories with Boost in the coming years.

Boost is a pioneer in the development of educational kids’ collectibles promotions. For over 15 years, Boost has been communicating about sustainability, nutrition, inclusion, sports, games and fun in its campaigns. Boost is FSC certified, a member of AMIFORI and a partner of the WWF, HealthySeas and ClimatePartner. With its partners, Boost develops products that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards.

“We are very excited to work with schleich® to develop new innovative collectibles and products. As partners, we complement each other perfectly and offer attractive solutions for retail companies worldwide, building on the successful campaigns of recent years. In doing so, we want to continue to expand our pioneering role as an innovation leader for sustainable loyalty” says Mario Schwegler, CEO of the Boost Group.

About Schleich GmbH

Founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, the company is one of Germany’s largest toy manufacturers and a leading international supplier of realistic animal figures. The famous schleich® play figures and playsets are sold in more than 60 countries and have conquered children’s rooms all over the world. As a global player with Swabian roots, Schleich GmbH today generates more than half of its sales outside its core market of Germany. The company is majority-owned by Partners Group, a global manager of private market investments. The design of schleich® figures and play worlds, the manufacture of production tools, and quality and safety testing all take place in Germany. Production itself takes place on a small scale at the company’s site in Schwäbisch Gmünd, while the main production takes place in production facilities abroad.

About Boost Group

Founded in 1987, Boost Group is the leading international full-service provider of customer loyalty programs and shopper marketing. We strengthen customer loyalty and engagement in sustainable, innovative and impactful ways through omni-channel shopper marketing solutions, omnibus promotions and loyalty programs designed to delight consumers, drive sales and increase customer engagement at every touchpoint, online and in-store.



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