Super Foodies: the most brave, daring, gifted superheroes you have ever met

Super Foodies live in the same world as us. They are the most brave, daring and gifted superheroes you have ever met.

Boost Group proudly introduces Super Foodies, a sustainable, innovative and impactful loyalty program stimulating kids to become best friends with fruits and veggies. Meet Super Foodies., the crazily fun licensed brand!

The story behind

Radix is created in a laboratory by accident. His purpose was to stop world hunger, but the experiment went wrong, and Radix escaped. He created his minions (who are the natural enemies of fruit and vegetables) to destroy the world. Mother Gaia stepped in and created the Super Foodies to stop Radix. Radix is the bad guy; the super foodies are battling him.

This is the story in the comic books, but the focus of the brand is more about the “fresh” aspect of the Super Foodies. It highlights the freshness of the fruit and vegetables, as only the freshest of fresh fruit is given super powers. The fun and “fresh” kids collectibles brand aims at inspiring Kids to become superheroes themselves and educating them and their families on nutrition and healthy choices through fun and team-play.

The power of play

From hide-and-seek to hopscotch, the many forms of play enrich a child’s brain, body, and life in important ways. Through the power of play, Super Foodies turn into fun, loveable characters, which quickly became kids’ best friends. Pairing healthy foods with super powers emphasises the healthy aspects of fruit and vegetables in a fun and educational way, increases children’s liking and anticipated taste of fruits and veggies.

A brand that makes retailers happy

Brand licenses are in many cases, the greatest way to get your sales rolling. Sometimes jumping on the bandwagon of Superfoods, one of the most successful kids collectibles brands, can be just perfect for a retail client. Super foodies drive high awareness, positively impact store traffic, sales and brand loyalty alike. From physical to digital, Boost operates in a global network of licensing partners and brands. Together, we develop sustainable loyalty and shopper marketing programs, creating powerful campaigns that generate huge awareness. 

Key features and additional promotional material

• Powerful instant reward mechanics
• Colourful commercials, videos, in store promotions and social media
• Items comply with the European Standard Toy Regulations, and cosmetic certifications, including safety tests + inspections
• Sustainable materials and with FSC® certified: 100% recycled wood made of beech wood from forests managed with full respect for people and the environment
• The 3d characters in recycled plastic
• Movie quality to inspire kids
• Concept that restimulates the imagination of kids: brave, daring, gifted with superpowers heroes.
• A great diversity of characters (cool, cute, boys, girls, animals, monsters)
• Concept focusing on fun, teamwork, educating on nutrition and healthy choices
• Strong and colourful instore POS demonstration that activates shoppers
• Tailored made

Additional promotional marketing materials:
1. The box of games
2. The card holder box
3. The Super Foodies books
4. Colouring book, comic, activity and game books
5. Fruits, vegetable, radix playsets

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!