The LiDLMALS hype continues

The LiDLMALS hype continues

After a successful kick-off campaign in 2022, the LiDLMALS are back again – ready to build even more awareness, and help kids to discover the world of fresh foods and healthy eating habits.

To complement last year’s well-known characters, we have created another unique range, and broadened the focus from fruits and vegetables to other fresh foods, such as dairy and bakery products.

This year’s fun factor is guaranteed with our innovative and sustainable collectible – the LiDLMALS Hexies. The hexagon shaped dominoes offer various game options and, being made from 100% FSC-certified beechwood, they are long-lasting and will provide children with lots of playing time for years to come. Customers receive one FREE Hexie, together with a stamp, with every 20 Swiss Francs spent in-store. The Hexie and stamp are packaged in a sustainable flowpack, made from 100 % FSC certified paper. 

Exciting additional game play!

The back of each Hexie forms part of a large LiDLMALS jigsaw puzzle that can be created with all 32 Hexies. This makes the Hexies even more collectible…there is nothing more frustrating that not being able to complete a jigsaw puzzle!

In order to collect and store the Hexies properly, customers can purchase an additional completer box for 2.49 Swiss Francs.

And what would a kid‘s campaign be without soft toys? To complement and expand last year’s collection, we have five new cuddly LiDLMALS plush characters. As the LiDLMALS are known for their transformation from LiDLMAL to food, the new plush characters are reversible in the same way. This additional feature provides the “wow“ effect, as well as fun and engagement for all children.

To further enhance the campaign’s sustainability credentials, the filling of each plush character is made from 100 % recycled PET material.

As a digital extension, this year’s campaign sees the relaunch of the already well-known LiDLMALS App, including fun features from 2022: a runner’s game, several cool face filters that let the children become a LiDLMAL themselves and – new this year – a direct connection to an exclusive LiDLMALS Instagram filter.