WWF International and Boost Group start a new collaboration

WWF International and Boost Group collaborate on the launch of further loyalty programs for retail customers in Europe

After the successes of the collectibles promotions with EDEKA and COOP Switzerland, WWF International and Boost Group collaborate on the launch of further loyalty programs for retail customers in Europe. WWF International is relying on Boost Group to provide ideas, develop concepts, and implement the project in harmony with the philosophy of sustainability.

For the past 56 years, WWF International has pursued its mission of stopping the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Together with Boost Group, WWF International plans to develop environmentally sound collectibles promotions that heighten awareness for sustainable interactions with Planet Earth. These promotions enable children to playfully experience nature and the environment through thematic merchandise articles. EDEKA’s “Unser Wald” (“Our Forest”) is acknowledged as one of the most successful examples.
Boost Group will develop additional concepts for the European market during the next 2½ years. This full-service provider in the fields of marketing and sales promotion can rely on expertise and content from the WWF network. Together with WWF International and selected retailers, children’s enthusiasm will be sparked in supermarkets and their interest will be sustainably focused on the topics of nature and the environment.

This collaboration offers obvious advantages for retailers: collectibles promotions with WWF International strengthen the concept of sustainability and, in the context of the loyalty program, assure that today’s children – who will soon be tomorrow’s customers – experience a playful introduction and cultivate an enduring commitment to the themes of the environment, nature, and animals.
“We are very glad that WWF International has decided to plan and conduct upcoming collectibles promotions with us. I think the activities with EDEKA and COOP were especially convincing in this context,” says Boost Group’s CEO Mario Schwegler. “Now the task is to develop additional exciting concepts that motivate boys and girls to collect, while simultaneously embedding educational content focusing on our planet and the environment. We see ourselves as the right partner for this project and we look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead.”

About WWF
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