Coop: A Wilderness Adventure


Boost’s task was to develop a collectible promotion for the autumn of 2020 that can be experienced by young and old alike and that addresses the topic of sustainability in an emotionally appealing way.


In cooperation with the WWF and under the motto “Adventure Wilderness”, Boost developed a collectible assortment consisting of four fluffy stuffed animals, an exciting wooden Animal Tumble Tower game with a matching animal pattern, a lunch box made of sustainable material, and a glass drinking bottle in a modern design.
The “Adventure Wilderness” collectibles promotion was the main topic of conversation in all Coop stores for more than six weeks. Customers received one collection stamp for every ten Swiss francs of purchase value. Each customer who collected forty stamps could get one of the seven WWF collectible products for free.
Coop customers can experience even more “Wilderness Adventure” at home with the accompanying app, which was developed exclusively by Boost. The app guarantees fun with two entertaining games, exciting facts about endangered animal species and, as a special highlight, a cool augmented-reality function that enables users to bring these animals to life!


The “Adventure Wilderness” collectibles promotion was a big theme in the autumn of 2020 and a decisive factor for eventful shopping, greater frequency and successful sales. In particular, the plush items alpaca, elephant and panda, as well as the Animal Tumble Tower, were eagerly sought-after fast sellers. It is exciting and rewarding to see that this app continues to enjoy high user numbers and to deliver valuable contacts long after the end of the campaign.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!