EDEKA - Our Forest


Edeka is a market leader in Germany with over 5.000 stores & 45 billion EUR turnover. Edeka was looking for a nationwide promotion to be anchored in its “Sustainability” marketing strategy.


An innovative adventure book which encourages children to take part in outdoor activities and play, while exploring nature with the aid of merchandising articles such as a map of the landscape, a torch, measuring tape, magnifying glass, binoculars and tweezers…

The promotion is rounded off by 600 handicrafts afternoons for children with Rangers and trained promoters in-store. With this promotion we apply an innovative form of packaging for the stickers, which produces NO waste and accordingly provides perfect support for the EDEKA sustainability strategy. The strategic partnership with the WWF creates added value on the market.


All expectations exceeded, « Edeka unser Wald » outperformed, it has been the biggest promotion ever in Germany since 2009. Almost 1 billion single stickers (180 different stickers- 30 special stickers) and over 2 million albums in 7 weeks were sold. According to a GfK research, the promotion generated following results: increase of the marketshare, strong uplift of sales, increase number of customers. Concept, mechanism, design, production, shopper marketing and the digital education of the EDEKA employees has been made by Boost.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!