BOOST has designed and launched on the market thanks to Penny Italia a new loyalty campaign with an adventurous, sustainable and innovative character, thanks to the brand “REWIND”!

Until July 2 2023, all PENNY customers can collect points directly on their PENNYCard. The mechanism is very simple 1 point for €1 with PENNYCard in more than 430 PENNY stores in Italy, and with the addition of a small contribution customers will be able to take home the 6 products of the REWIND line, designed especially for those who love connecting with nature or want to rediscover the pleasure of the outdoors!!

The REWIND collection includes a Commuter and Hiking Backpack, a Sleeping Bag, a Led Headlamp and other equipment perfect for an outdoor adventure, such as the inflatable pillow or pop-up tent for 2 people.

REWIND was created in Switzerland in order to support all outdoor adventures, both for those who are looking for new challenges such as trekking and for those who simply want to spend some time relaxing, enjoying the outdoors and camping!! 

Our products are smart and functional, ideal for rediscovering the pleasure of being outdoors, clearing your mind, reducing stress, recharging your batteries, and focusing on what is really important…ourselves!

Where does REWIND’s strength originate? Easy! From the harmony and energy of nature which has inspired the vibrant colors of the REWIND brand and its innovative design!

Nature gives physical and psychological benefits, this union represents an essential booster for personal well-being; moreover, all products in the line are CO2 offset in collaboration with ClimatePartner, to ensure every REWIND product supports the future of our planet!

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