Esselunga SuperFoodies: healthy food is fun and cool


Esselunga is one of Italy’s largest retail chains. In cooperation with Boost, the leading service provider in the field of marketing and sales promotion, Esselunga has now succeeded in raising awareness in Italy of the topics “protection of ecosystems” and “balanced nutrition” with the SuperFoodies collection campaign.


Esselunga believes it has a responsibility to help save our planet by focusing on sustainable products, fair working conditions and innovative recycling methods with the goal of conserving valuable resources and protecting ecosystems. Plastic in the oceans and polluted beaches are two highly visible problems nowadays. With this collection of 24 SuperFoodies, the Italians want to draw attention to this problem and contribute toward saving the Earth.


The campaign was sensationally successful: over 50 million figurines were produced from recycled materials and countless trading cards were printed. The campaign was advertised at many PoS stations throughout Italy for some weeks. The Boost Group, which was responsible for the overall concept, was the first mover and innovation leader: never before had toys made of 100% recycled material been used in the Collectible segment. To uphold the highest sustainability standards, Boost has long been certified by the BSCI and the FSC.

Mario Schwegler, CEO of the Boost Group, emphasizes: “In recent years, we have developed style guides, collections and programmes to help attractive brands inspire children and their families to lastingly change their behaviour toward certain topics. We always work closely with our clients and partners to find the best solution. Each project is made-to-measure for individual markets and their needs. With the SuperFoodies, we have once again succeeded in creating a successful campaign. We are delighted that this has triggered so much hype in Italy. We have every reason to hope that this campaign will be remembered for a long time to come”.

Our aftermovie:

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!