Partnership with ClimatePartner for a sustainable future

Boost Group embarks on an exciting journey to climate neutrality, as reflected in its partnership with ClimatePartner

We are pleased to announce our partnership with international climate action solutions provider ClimatePartner, enabling Boost Group to offer climate-neutral products through its sustainable loyalty programs.

Great things can only be achieved by teamwork, and we can only be successful with committed and reliable partners. By joining forces with ClimatePartner, Boost Group underlines its commitment to sustainable and responsible care for the ecosystem. This cooperation reflects the beliefs of Boost Group, as well as our company’s expectations of its business partners with respect to supporting long-term business relationships.

With concrete measures, Boost Group contributes to promoting climate action by offering labelled climate-neutral products in its loyalty programs. This step makes it possible to compensate residual greenhouse gas emissions through internationally certified carbon offset projects and thus leave a more sustainable earth to future generations.

Sustainability is a top priority at Boost Group

A responsible approach to customer loyalty is very important to us. This includes climate action, which currently presents us with one of the greatest global challenges.

We take actions to reduce our products’ carbon footprint and we want to make this transparent to our stakeholders. By following the ClimatePartner approach, Boost Group is taking the right qualitative steps: measuring, reducing and offsetting product-related CO2 emissions. This approach gives concrete shape to our sustainability loyalty programs, allowing us to critically measure and review Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) with consideration of the entire life cycle of the products offered through our campaigns. This means delving into the raw materials that make up our products, how they are manufactured, transported, used and disposed of.

We transform the industry with our collaborations

“Finding the right innovations to match our vision of leading sustainable loyalty presents us with challenges. Partnerships have a crucial role to play in fulfilling this vision. At Boost Group, great things can only be achieved by committed and reliable partners, working towards a common ‘good’ goal as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These provide a framework for Boost Group to manage our social and environmental impacts. As we look to the future and the development of more sustainable loyalty programs, climate neutrality will continue to play a key role in our sustainable strategy.”Mario Schwegler, CEO, Boost Group.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!