You will become completely Emoji® at Supermarchés Match


Retailer Supermarchés Match was looking for a back-to-school promotion with a fun concept and an innovative and new licence that has never been done before. The main starting point for Boost to develop this collectible campaign was a combination of two carriers, one to give away with every € 15,- purchase and one with a higher perceived value to give away with specially selected FMCG purchases.


The emoji license was perfect for this collectible promotion as the icons are familiar to everyone and appeal to a wide audience . This was the inspiration for a special kind of sticker and kids premium collectibles´ promotion. For every purchase of € 15,- at Supermarchés Match customers received a flowpack with two emoji sticker cards and when purchasing the selected FMCG products they even receveid an extra flowpack with a giant emoji bouncy ball. These giant bouncy balls contained emoji figurines or an emoji image inside. To collect the stickers of the sticker cards customers could get a collection album for free by showing their loyalty card at the cashier, which gave Supermarchés Match the ability to activate their loyalty program. In addition to the collectables, Boost supplied various merchandising items for customers to buy. There were different emoji plush, keychains and pencil toppers for sale.


“Le Collector emoji” was in store at Supermarchés Match for 8 weeks in 117 stores in France to reward customers with millions of flowpacks with different emoji collectables. Boost developed and produced all campaign-related contents, collectables and merchandising.

Thanks to this collectibles’ promotion, Supermarchés Match was able to activate families, attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more. During those 8 weeks there was a significant turnover and a market share increase. Marion van Mullem, marketing and communication manager at Supermarchés Match stated: “By choosing the emoji® license with Boost, Supermarchés Match wanted to use an emerging license with a well-defined concept to reach a transgenerational audience”. The emoji® are not only funny little icons, they illustrate our messages on a daily basis, they are dynamic and humoristic. We have executed a qualitative collectible promotion thanks to the great work of our teams and the Boost team.”

Watch one of the commercials from Supermarchés Match here:

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