Boost and Bunzl Retail & Industry jointly launch an innovative and sustainable packaging solution

October 2021 - Boost and Bunzl Retail & Industry are pleased to announce their cooperation in introducing an innovative and sustainable packaging solution. 

Loyalty programmes from Boost Loyalty
International marketing agency Boost Loyalty, a division of the Boost Group, is Europe’s number one provider of coalition loyalty programmes. Founded in 1987, and originally Swiss-based, the company offers end-to-end loyalty strategies and solutions to the biggest retailers and most famous FMCG brands, along with DIY and electronics chains, pharmaceutical companies, automotive and petrol suppliers, media agencies, financial institutions, and telecom and energy businesses. Boost customer loyalty solutions, in the form of large-scale reward and savings programmes, stimulate long-term relationships between consumers and companies. From concept to campaign, and from customer service to logistics, Boost Loyalty’s solutions take care of the entire process for its clients. 

Innovation and sustainability in packaging
Cooperation between Boost and Bunzl Retail & Industry has resulted in a new all-in-one e-commerce packaging solution for shipping and return with no need for tape or glue. “Thanks to the innovative folding system, the full cardboard packaging is easy to open and close,” says Thom Mutgeert, Account Manager at Bunzl Retail & Industry. “As neither tape nor glue is used, the box consists entirely of just one material. In addition, the shipping packaging is recyclable, has an FSC® certified logo and is made from 70 to 100% recycled materials. As well as improving sustainable packaging, we have worked together to enhance the efficiency of the purchasing, logistics, ordering, packing and shipping process. With a specialist in each field, we map out all the focal points and coordinate them with internal policy. Through this collaborative approach with Boost Loyalty, we look for the best solution for the entire chain.” 

A reliable partnership
Bunzl Retail & Industry has been working with Boost Loyalty since the beginning of 2021. Boost Loyalty maintains control over the entire logistics and packaging process, while enjoying the benefits of working with a fully-fledged partner which can optimise the process. “We are enthusiastic about the innovative and sustainable concept, but a good relationship is where it all starts,” says Leen Hubregtse, Supply Chain Manager of Boost Loyalty. “Bunzl proactively keeps us informed about developments and innovations taking place in the market.”
Thom Mutgeert of Bunzl Retail & Industry adds: “By listening carefully and looking ahead, we continue to surprise ourselves, the customer and the world. Our success is built on offering appropriate solutions for process and concept, on giving and taking independent advice, and on specialising in the profession. That is where we make the difference – from product to data and from concept to development.”

Michael Lausenmeyer, Managing Director Loyalty Programmes at Boost, concludes: “For years, Boost has been working on boosting customer loyalty in a sustainable and responsible way for people and planet. Partnering with Bunzl Retail & Industry provides a logical next step for us to learn further from a leading specialist in the field of sustainable packaging.”

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!