Calling all coffee lovers: Nestlé – Nespresso


As the first touchpoint for Nestlé for more than 15 years in Switzerland, Boost Group was asked to convey the Nespresso brand to customers via point-of-sale (POS) promotions. Boost needed to install temporary merchandising material following the Nespresso corporate identity within a few days, while guaranteeing highest visibility and maintaining good relations with representatives at the different sites.
In the last year, Boost Group has launched many national consumer promotional campaigns in the Swiss market under the Nespresso brand. These have enabled the brand to increase its visibility during key periods of the year, to promote its machine and Grands Crus coffees, and to engage with existing and new customers.


Boost Group was able to draw on its many years of experience in the field of merchandising and set up a specific POS model and approach to meet Nespresso’s requirements. Our own material and logistics centre stored, prepared and dispatched more than 1,000 POS kits. This ensured that the correct materials were delivered to each POS with pinpoint accuracy.
Effective training methods prepared the large pool of experienced merchandisers, ensuring implementation within days. The back-office control process, which monitored progress in real time, also ensured high-quality campaign execution.


Nespresso’s core business lies in producing the best quality coffee in a single serving. Boost Group’s solid experience and expertise in shopper activation, which has been growing since 1987, enabled us to understand fully the customers’ need for high quality and to bring them a moment of genuine pleasure in the tasting area.
The POS summer campaign took place in more than 250 stores in Switzerland and was presented to shoppers over several weeks. Boost managed more than 1,000 POS elements, each of which was established and arranged on the shop floor within two days by a team of 70 merchandisers.

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