How can we get kids excited about healthy eating and create a real hype that drives sales for LIDL ?




We created a whole universe with 32 unique LIDLMALS who can magically transform from an animal into a fruit or vegetable

Each animal has a name and its own special story, into which children are drawn.

They are surrounded by a magical world to boost connection and fascination in a way that resonates with kids.







Some of our highlights

Music is Magic

Air Miles: the largest loyalty program in the Netherlands

The magic and joy of music in the life of kids and adults inspired us to create 24 unique, lovable emoji® beats characters. 

Each emoji has a suction cup so kids can stick them anywhere they want.

We created an enchanting world of magical animals which can transform into fruits and vegetables

Children get excited about animals, especially when a lot of imagination and creativity is used to build an exciting world of play, as is the case with this collection campaign.

Each animal has a name and its own special story, into which children are drawn.

Sustainable packaging, and gameboards

In return for every €15 of spend, ALDI shoppers receive a cool emoji® figure at the check-out from 27 August to 8 October.

The emoji are packaged in an environmentally-friendly package from FSC. A plastic free collector’s box  can be purchased for 2.49 Euro. The box contains two innovative game boards from FSC to play music related games.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!

For every 20 Swiss Francs shoppers receive a flowpack including a stamp, a kiss-cut sticker and a lenticular card with spectacular visual effects and features.

The cards can be used to play several exciting games and while having fun kids become familiar with the positive effects of fruits and veggies.

All collectibles are packaged in a sustainable flowpack from 100% FSC. The cards are made from FSC with a thin layer of recycled plastic.



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album inside



For 2.49 Swiss Francs shoppers can buy an awesome card activity album jam-packed with exciting stories, games and delightful illustrations for hours of fun.  

Our album makes it easy for kids to organize their cards and see which cards they are still missing. It also drives store traffic !

The album is made from sustainable FSC and recycled materials.






Five super-soft and cuddly LIDLMALS plush toys are available at a high discount with six loyalty points.

The plushies can be turned and reversed into a fruit or veggie whenever kids want. This ensures a lot of fun and boosts the desire to collect them all !

The filling of each plush toy is 100% made from recycled PET bottles.  

The special LIDLMALS app is cool, fun and educational at the same time.

Kids can play several games which are all related to healthy, fresh food.

Our super cool face filter guarantees flawless selfies.


The campaign underlines Lidl’s fresh competence and positioning as a sustainable company.

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