O’key sowing good things


The Russian O`Key hypermarkets wanted to create a collectibles promotion to support their increasing focus on sustainable and social responsibilities, and to help launch their ‘Kids about the Planet’ club. The promotion was designed to create opportunities for interaction between parents and kids in the area of global ecology, but with a specific link to food.


‘Sowing good things’ is the name of a promotion which shows practical and fun ways of learning how to take care of the planet and makes healthy food interesting for kids. In 78 O’Key hypermarkets all over Russia, shoppers spending 14 euro (1,000 roubles) received a pot containing seeds to grow their own healthy food. The set of nine vegetables and three flowerpots could be collected into a garden box made from recycled plastic.

To motivate the shoppers and their kids, and to make collecting even more enjoyable, fun activities were built around the campaign theme. Participants were invited to:

• Grow plants and come up with their own recipes
• Take on the role of a gardener and a cook, and win cool prizes
• Enter the ‘Sowing good things’ children’s competition
• Upload photos of their favourite plants on social media, along with a recipe featuring one of them


“OKEY’s strategy focused on the most relevant trend today – a conscious positive attitude toward the environment,” says Olga Surnina, Marketing Director for O’Key. “To promote a ‘green’ initiative for children, O’Key launched an educational club – ‘Kids about the Planet’. Within the framework of the club, we ran the ‘Sowing good things’ campaign in which more than 8.5 million seed planting sets were distributed. The campaign has created a worthwhile leisure activity for the whole family, which has been especially welcome during the pandemic time of 2020. We are sure that one of the most effective ways to introduce children to the concept of nature protection is not just to tell them about how the world around us works, and how important it is to take care of it, but also to involve them in this process. The campaign ‘Sowing good things’ was not only entertaining but also educational. Kids participated in the fascinating process of growing plants, watching how nature works, and seeing how a beautiful flower or a healthy vegetable evolves from seeds. It proved to be a highly successful and unique promotion for the retail industry in Russia”.

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