ALDI – emoji® campaign in Germany ALDI SÜD and ALDI NORD


When Boost Group was asked to create the first ever joined ALDI SÜD and ALDI NORD short-term loyalty approach in Germany, Boost was trusted with the task to design a 6 weeklong concept that would guarantee a nation-wide hype amongst ALDI shoppers while mainly targeting children from age 5-12 and their families. On top of that the client was looking for a solution that would feature a digital component and would contribute to the customers sustainability initiatives.


With the goal to design a hype-campaign, Boost was challenged to identify a story that would not only be hugely popular amongst the main target group but also needed to appeal to all genders and all age-groups alike, while having the ability to be easily included in a digital approach. From a very early stage it became clear that the hype-license emoji®, having its roots “in digital” and showing a continuous growth in popularity, would be the perfect fit for this campaign Approach.

As the main challenge was to provide a fun and instant playable toy for the desired age-group, Boost designed 24 amazing emoji® suction cup figurines that can be stuck to every flat surface. The collection also featured latest trend characters such as a sloth, unicorn, lama and a pug. For every 15€ spent shoppers received one emoji® for free. Packaging-wise Boost decided to design a little FSC-cardboard box instead of a classic foil flowpack aiming to reduce plastic waste wherever possible.

Additionally, Boost created a collector box that shoppers could buy for 1,99€. Kids could not only store all their emoji® figurines in this box but could also use them as meeples in order to play the 3 different board games that were part of the box.

On top of that Boost built the amazing ALDI emoji-app incl. two different games, a dice-function (perfect for playing the boardgames of the collector box on the go) and the possibility to collect all characters digitally in the app. In order to collect all emoji® characters, a big “emoji® hunt” was initiated:

shoppers had to download the app and had to find all hidden markers in the stores on wobblers and floor stickers, online and in Aldi’s weekly leaflets. Once scanned the characters revealed cool sounds & movements and were directly added to the app. A special highlight were the floor stickers: after being scanned, the amazing AR-feature was revealed, and shoppers could take a photo with a life-sized emoji® in their ALDI store which then could be shared with friends and on social media.


The ALDI emoji® campaign was the first nationwide ALDI short-term loyalty campaign ever, running in all ALDI stores throughout Germany.

By introducing a state-of-the-art app that connected the instore campaign with a digital solution, Boost managed to create a true multi-channel kids campaign approach that also made the success of this campaign measurable.

Not only has the idea of placing markers and scanning them with the app helped to establish campaign touchpoints across all channels but for the first time ever it has been possible to actively determine tangible results in terms of engaged shopper numbers.

Supported by a massive nationwide advertising campaign across all channels “Der große Sammelspaß” was designed to be a true 360° marketing campaign that not only set ALDI apart from the competition but also contributed to the nationwide hype. The advertising campaign included 6 weeks of nationwide TVC, radio spots, magazine & newspaper adverts, weekly ads in ALDI folders, ALDI campaign homepage, Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories, YouTube Videos etc..

Due to the amazing approach even ALDI Belgium and ALDI Luxemburg decided to implement this campaign approach so this campaign can be considered a fantastic example of a highly successful multi-country campaign (campaign broke 2 weeks after ALDI Germany).

Environmental impact: By using a FSC-cardboard box packaging -compared to a common plastic flowpack- a huge amount of plastic and 40% of product transport volume were saved leading to a massive reduction of CO2.

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!