Coop Abenteuer Garden: urban gardening and cooking


COOP Schweiz was looking for a follow-up campaign to its ‘Abenteuer Natur’ collectibles’ promotion. This new promotion, too, was to be embedded in the company’s strategic sustainability communications and be both educational and entertaining at the same time.


Urban gardening and cooking are current trends which Boost entertainingly combined for COOP with games, content and handicrafts projects, but with the main focus of the campaign on the field of urban gardening.

Abenteuer Garten (garden adventures) is an innovative concept and covers the world of plants, vegetables, herbs, animals and gardens. It gives children an opportunity to smell, touch, harvest and cook what is grown. For every purchase of 20 CHF and over COOP customers receive a flowpack containing three XL cards to collect. As a surprise some of them contain a voucher which provides children with a free plant pot in which they can grow things themselves.


Abenteuer Garten consists of an album with 120 cards for collection and 18 types of plant which children can look after and watch as they grow. Everything could be collected over a period of seven weeks at all COOP supermarkets, COOP megastores, COOP department stores, COOP DIY stores, COOP restaurants and COOP@Home.

During the weeks of the campaign the collectibles’ promotion led to a significant increase in business at the POS combined with a rise in turnover. The entire idea was very well received by families, and there was a brisk exchange of pictures in the school yard during the period of the collectibles’ promotion.

Helmut Träris-Stark, Marketing Manager with responsibility for the project at COOP, states: “This concept devised by BOOST Group, too, is an integral part of our sustainability communications. The key feature is that it’s entertaining and educational at the same time. Children learn how to look after plants and herbs. They can then harvest and cook everything they have grown, which actively creates an awareness of the importance of sustainability.”

Driven by our values, we support the development of a sustainable future!