Nestlé and Coop –”Everything for your fondue”


Shortly before Christmas Boost Group implemented – on behalf of Nestlé and Coop – a cross-category promotion featuring the brands Thomy, Maggi and Satrap on the theme of “Everything for your fondue”. The promotion stylishly brought together a demonstration of the chinoise set with the tasting of Maggi bouillon’s and Thomy’s chinoise sauces, and had families and general lovers of the Swiss national dish as its primary target group. The promotion also provided inspiration for the coming festive season.



Cross-category is a special form of promotion in which at least two brands carry out integrated communications activities, and convey a uniform message to a mutually relevant target group. In this way customers at a particular location are offered all-round solutions, and customer needs are generated across different categories. In addition the promotion costs can be shared or a larger advertising budget becomes available.

The Cross Impact Coop marketing platform, in particular the DDB tool with the Powertower, is highly popular with customers at the Coop. The Powertower is available at around 160 sales outlets, and provides all the main services at an unbeatable price: planning from A–Z, the targeted selection and individual training of the promotional personnel, the printing and distribution of advertising literature, and final reporting with key data. The focus is on the following objectives: presenting and explaining the product, enhancing the product profile and coverage, acquiring first-time and repeat purchasers, getting potential customers to try the product and boosting sales in general.



Kilian Hecht: Purchaser, N16 electrical devices at Coop

“The possibility of presenting electrical appliances together with food brands greatly enhances the emotional response at the POS, conveys cross-category inspiration in an optimal way, and significantly increases the rate of impulse purchases.”

Frank Wilde, Head of Marketing for Thomy products at Nestlé

“With these themed promotions Nestlé aims to increase the rate of impulse purchases across categories and generate additional, high-impact touchpoints at the POS, thus effectively opening up new target groups for the brands.”

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