Real – my litte Bio-garden


The German supermarket real,- wanted to create a collectibles’ promotion to support their increasing sustainable and socially responsible image. The promotion had to be a appealing to families, attract customers and activates them to think about healthy food. A collectible campaign that tells the story of real,-!


For this campaign Boost developed and produced a collectibles’ promotion concept that is about nature and family. In contrast to other collectible campaigns, the kids do not receive a toy but something useful that parents support : “real,- my litte Bio-garden”. At the purchase of 20 euro customers received an FSC produced cup wit bio seeds inside to grow their own healthy food. The herbs and vegetable cups could be collected in a garden box which included a book with useful information. To make collecting even more fun, dedicated merchandise such as a water can, a gardening set and terracotta pots was added.

To activate the shoppers, our collectibles team worked closely together with the shopper marketing team in Switzerland. In 30 Real stores in all over Germany kids could receive free Bio-garden cups, learning about gardening and healthy food in a playful an a approachable way. In close cooperation with real,- and their advertising agency WFPTeam a special app, online platform, commercial, video tutorails and POS were developed.


«Mein kleiner Bio-Garten!» was in store at real,- for 6 weeks in 289 stores in Germany to reward hundreds of thousand shoppers with the Bio seed cups. The total collectibles’ promotion was received very positive by real,- and their customers. Many of them shared their gardening results online trough Facebook and Instagram.

This marketing campaign mainly targeted families with kids, but also young adults took part in the promotion and collected the seed cups for themselves. Thanks to the campaign, real,- was able to activate a broad group of customers, elevate sales and enhance their image as a sustainable, socially responsible supermarket, with wide assortiment in bio and fresh products.


Watch the TV spot by real,-:

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