BP Europe: Summer Travel loyalty campaign


BP Holland and Boost jointly launched a Summer Travel loyalty campaign. The BP EU Marketing Team wanted to combine a short-term and long-term loyalty strategy, for which Boost introduced a smart action mechanism. In return for refuelling with a minimum 20 litres, BP customers received a discount voucher that gave them up to 50% discount on travel products. Along with this short-term approach using discount vouchers, we added extra motivation by integrating Freebees (long-term points). BP Freebees savers could then take even fuller advantage of our spectacular discount offers! Boost was assigned to develop this concept and to create a state-of-the-art web shop that enabled customers to redeem vouchers and buy discounted products. For the redemption part of this summer campaign, our Category Management team chose two top brands in travel: Thule and Princess Traveller.


During the campaign period, from July 3rd 019 to September 15th 2019, BP customers received discount vouchers giving them up to 50% discount on travel products from A-brands Thule and Princess Traveller. The campaign was further supported by a radio commercial and POS (point-of-sale) material at the 250 participating service stations.
“The campaign perfectly matched our new core values, allowing us to communicate this renewed strategy to our guests by the use of an attractive and exclusive line of A-brand products with high discounts,” says Deniz Guloglu, Head of Marketing and member of the leadership team at BP Europe.
“Moreover, the campaign also enabled us to reward customer loyalty by offering the customer up to 50% discount on Princess products through the possibility of redeeming Freebees points as well. Figures confirm the effectiveness of integrating Freebees into the campaign, as a tremendous number of Freebee-based rewards were redeemed! The campaign has been much appreciated by our guests, driving customer loyalty and making them fully aware of the benefits of the Freebees Loyalty Card!”


Boost has developed an intelligent redemption portal for BP Europe, scalable for up to ten EU countries and usable for multi-variable campaigns. The redemption portal enabled customers to redeem their BP discount vouchers in combination with extra Freebees points for travel products from Thule and Princess Traveller. With an integrated back-office tool we can measure redemptions in detail up to site level.

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