LENTA Minimania 1-2-3


Following the success of a collectibles promotion devised by Boost for Russian retailer Lenta in 2016 and 2017, Lenta decided to give it another go in 2018. Boost was asked to create a new line of miniature products, or ‘Minis’, which were made available in Lenta hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Russia in October and November.


Several FMCG suppliers took part in this promotion, which resulted in 32 miniature products. They are exact copies of real products, made from materials including plastic, foil or cardboard. Even some of Lenta’s own lines became miniature products for the promotion. Kids were able to collect miniature juice, shampoo, shower gel, milk, pizza, a toothbrush and even a mini-multicooker. Lenta expanded the collectibles promotion with additional supermarket-themed toys.

The collectibles promotion ran over a period of six weeks. For every 1,000 roubles (approximately €15) spent in hypermarkets or 500 roubles (approximately €7.50) spent in supermarkets, customers received one flowpack. When buying certain highlighted FMCG goods, which changed weekly, the customer received an additional flowpack. Lenta also organised two successful swapping days, which gave children the opportunity to complete their collection.


Boost conducted research amongst almost 3,000 shoppers in Russia during the promotion. Almost 70% took part in the promotion and collected the Minis for themselves or others, while over 93% were positive about the campaign. Most shoppers (87.7%) also stated that their shopping behaviour and purchases had been affected by the promotion, either in amount spent or in frequency.

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