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Boost develop attractive best-of-class collectibles promotions for leading retailers and brands. We design, produce, distribute and promote “must have” items that appeal to young and old alike.
A collectibles promotion is created in strategic partnership with our customers. Based upon their marketing strategy and briefing, our involvement begins at the drawing board, ends on the shop-floor, and seeks to turn kids and families into brand savvy shoppers.

Our customers benefit as we help attract new shoppers and increase levels of spending and visits immediately. 

We offer a wide range of short-term collectibles promotions and instant reward programs aimed at different groups of shoppers: Kids, adults and families and services such as: Kids Collectibles and Family and Lifestyle.

What our customers say

Our ‘Create magic’ campaign around New Year’s Eve was very successful. It was a unique retail campaign with an eco-friendly focus. Its strong elements of DIY, with kids colouring or decorating our wooden toys, made the campaign even more special. 

Olga Surnina, O’key Marketing Director.

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