Nickelodeon’s official Garfield

Briefing The main goal for Spar Austria  was a new and sustainable loyalty campaign combining an education-friendly sticker book for children and a strong brand licensing which would further increase consumer engagement. Solution In close cooperation with Spar Austria, Boost developed a collectibles program with full-colour stickers, showing 200 different islands, which could be collected […]

Cactus mega öko-gang: More sustainable than ever

Briefing Cactus S.A. Luxembourg aims to educate kids in a light and fun way on sustainability and to increase awareness of this topic. As the customers of the future, kids can learn today how to act to preserve nature – and continue later in life. Furthermore, it is important that the set-up of such campaigns […]

emoji® is back at Aldi in Belgium and Luxembourg!

Briefing Tasked with creating a follow-up emoji® campaign that would spark enthusiasm among ALDI’s shoppers, trigger another collecting hype in Belgium and Luxembourg, and put ALDI’s core competencies into the foreground, Boost again created a tailor-made activation measure for ALDI NORD with emoji® fresh. Solution With emoji® fresh, ALDI Nord Belgium follows up on the […]

Coop – Summer, ready, go!

Briefing For a campaign that ran during the summer of 2021, Coop was looking for a theme with hype potential and an assortment of collectible items for the whole family. The campaign’s goals were to increase customer frequency, encourage impulse purchasing, and boost sales. Solution How do you create a special shopping experience for the […]

Good stories are told twice: Rekordomania 2

Briefing Good stories are told multiple times. And this year we launched the 9th chapter of the iconic Garfield campaign range: Recordomania 2, a  sustainable kids collectibles promotion with the most amazing animal records in the world. Solution In close cooperation with SPAR Slovenija d.o.o. we developed a tailormade, sustainable and brand licensing story about […]

O’key sowing good things

Briefing The Russian O`Key hypermarkets wanted to create a collectibles promotion to support their increasing focus on sustainable and social responsibilities, and to help launch their ‘Kids about the Planet’ club. The promotion was designed to create opportunities for interaction between parents and kids in the area of global ecology, but with a specific link […]

Coop: A Wilderness Adventure

Briefing Boost’s task was to develop a collectible promotion for the autumn of 2020 that can be experienced by young and old alike and that addresses the topic of sustainability in an emotionally appealing way. Solution In cooperation with the WWF and under the motto “Adventure Wilderness”, Boost developed a collectible assortment consisting of four […]

ALDI – emoji® campaign in Germany ALDI SÜD and ALDI NORD

Briefing When Boost Group was asked to create the first ever joined ALDI SÜD and ALDI NORD short-term loyalty approach in Germany, Boost was trusted with the task to design a 6 weeklong concept that would guarantee a nation-wide hype amongst ALDI shoppers while mainly targeting children from age 5-12 and their families. On top […]

SPAR – The Secret Life of Pets

Briefing Retailer SPAR was looking for its next collectibles’ promotion to activate shoppers and reward them with a totally new concept. Boost Group was asked to create, design and produce a unique collection to surprise customers with a new carrier and an important license. Solution Following the launch of the fifth Universal Studios’ fully-animated feature-film, […]

Esselunga SuperFoodies: healthy food is fun and cool

Briefing Esselunga is one of Italy’s largest retail chains. In cooperation with Boost, the leading service provider in the field of marketing and sales promotion, Esselunga has now succeeded in raising awareness in Italy of the topics “protection of ecosystems” and “balanced nutrition” with the SuperFoodies collection campaign. Solution Esselunga believes it has a responsibility […]